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Alter Christus Priestly Fraternity

Chaste, Happy and Holy Priests

Who we are

Alter Christus Priestly Fraternity (ACP Fraternity) is a group of young priests (0-10 years of ordination) who hold their hands together to assist each other in their growth in priestly holiness and chaste love for the sake of their priestly ministry. The Fraternity members promote and participate in ongoing formation, updating and sharing. Joining this group is not a dependence of governance or jurisdiction, but a voluntary relationship of spiritual assistance and accompaniment, exclusively restricted to the private sphere of the personal life of the priest, about which each one should make his own free decisions.

Patron Saints

The members of the group shall invoke and follow the examples of the priestly life of Saint Jean-Marie Vianney and Saint John Paul II.

Patron Saints

  • To be committed to a life of priestly holiness and chastity.
  • To support each other through prayer, especially offering the Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and the Rosary for the members of the group.
  • To be in priestly ministry not more than 10 years (0-10 years).
  • To participate in the formative interventions that will be made from time to time using the online platforms of communication.

N.B.: A few other requirements affecting our daily personal prayer life and organization of time will be added later.

Who may join the ACP Fraternity?

Any Catholic priest, both religious and diocesan, a priest for less than 10 years, who is drawn to the Fraternity’s goals and is willing to make a personal commitment to ongoing formation, updating and sharing may join the ACP Fraternity at the invitation of one its members

How to Join?

Any priest can join ACP Fraternity through (with the recommendation of) someone who is already a member of the Fraternity.


Communication platforms

Initially the communication Platform will be a WhatsApp Group. The members are requested not to post into this Forum anything that do not directly support the goals of this group. In time ACP Fraternity may develop the use of other more interactive platforms.

The Virgin Mary: Mother of Jesus Christ and Mother of priests

Our Blessed Mother revealed at Medjugorje that priests are going to be “the bridge to the coming Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” “Alongside them [the priests], I will triumph,” said Mary to one of the visionaries. It is our hope that by sustaining each other in our priestly journey of holiness and chaste love, we shall be part of that “bridge” for the final Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.


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