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On the Grandeur of Saint Joseph (Feast of Saint Joseph)

This Thursday we celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Joseph the protector of the Church (and our families) and intercessor for a happy death. Our father Saint Francis de Sales had a special love for Saint Joseph. Here is one of his sayings on this great saint:
“Thinking of the grandeur of Saint Joseph, consider the words, ‘Lord, look with favorable eyes on the good and upright heart’ (cf. Psalms 36:11). I would like to say a few words about this saint whom we love so much because he has cultivated love in every heart. My God, how good and upright this saint must have been if the Lord gave him the lofty privilege of being entrusted with His mother and His Son! With these two responsibilities, he could have been envied by the angels. Could anyone in all heaven possess any greater privilege than this? Who is there among the angels who could be compared with the queen of angels? And who can compare with the Son of God Himself? Yet Saint Joseph was closer to them than anyone else” (Letters 671).
May Saint Joseph who lived closely with Jesus and Mary here on earth and now in heaven intercede for each of you and your families. Let us continue to prepare for this great feast by keeping the novena that we began last week.