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Philothea Jesus Youth

Who make up the Philothea Jesus Youth Movement? Philothea Jesus Youth Movement is a group of young people who share the same catholic faith and normally journey together in faith and are focused in growing more spiritually. Philothea, was a word used by St. Francis De Sales, who is the patron saint of Philothea Missionaries, and the word means “Lover of God.” Therefore, Philothea Jesus Youth Movement is also known as “Lover of God Youth Movement. The youth group entails different youth from all walks of life, different professions and schools. It is open and welcoming to all youth.

What do the Philothea Jesus Youth Group Do? Every First Saturday of every month, there is normally a youth recollection that is usually very informative, interactive and more so, enriching spiritually and is one of the ways that Philothea Jesus youth group, get their spiritual nourishment. Through this avenue, the youth partake in several activities such as a spiritual talk, that is normally related to the spiritual growth of the young people, adoration of the blessed Sacrament, confessions and also Mass to crown the entire recollection period. Its Interactive nature enables different youth from different parishes, to participate and animate the Holy Mass. This promotes an aspect of the youth feeling involved and, more importantly, contribute to serving the Lord in various unique ways.

What else do the Philothea Jesus Youth group do? As the saying goes, all work with no play, makes Jack a dull boy. After every recollection, the youth group normally meet with the various Youth Ministers, and share various topics that are relatable and are interesting to the youth. For instance, there are Bible Trivias, Debates, Treasure Hunts, competitions etc. that are normally in line with the spiritual nourishment received from the Recollection. Trust me, this is never a dull moment!

Does Philothea Jesus Youth have a support System? To have a house that is unshaken, one needs to have a strong foundation. Philothea Jesus Youth foundation, also acts as the support system, where in this case, is the Philothea Family. The Philothea Family consists of a wide web of different Individuals that are in different ministries who whole-heartedly support the Philothea Jesus Youth Group in their needs. They are always there and available for the Philothea Jesus Youth Group and are extremely supportive of the young people journeying the right way in knowing, loving and serving the Lord in their different spheres of life.

How does one Join Philothea Jesus Youth Movement? This is the fun part, to join, you only need to come to the Philothea Jesus Youth Recollection, that is usually every First Saturday, Starting from 9.00 a.m. Thereafter, partake in the recollection and the Youth Ministers will hereby take your contacts. This will put you in the Jesus Philothea Youth Group Platforms and make you a Philothea Jesus Youth Group Member. You are welcome to be part of this awesome family. The Philothea Jesus Youth Group is excited to journey and grow together as Lovers of God Youth Group.